Healthy Streams, Vibrant Economy

Across the Poconos, clean streams and economic development successfully coexist in a region known for its natural beauty and booming tourism industry.

The Our Pocono Waters campaign educates local residents, business leaders and local officials about the importance of protecting “Exceptional Value” (EV) streams. Together, our campaign partners work to uplift and protect the EV streams that help make the Poconos the unique and beautiful place that it is. 

What are Exceptional Value streams?

  • Pennsylvania protects streams based on the highest and best use
  • “Exceptional Value” or “EV” is the classification given to streams in Pennsylvania that have the cleanest and highest quality of water
  • EV streams are unique and valuable resources, including outstanding trout fisheries that provide opportunities for recreation, aesthetic pleasure, and tourism

Why is Exceptional Value designation important?

  • Because EV streams represent the highest quality and most valuable of streams in Pennsylvania, they receive the highest level of legal protection under state law
  • The outstanding water quality of EV streams must always be protected. No degradation of the waters is permitted under any circumstances
  • This means smarter development and a more vibrant economic future for the Poconos

Where are Exceptional Value streams?

Our Pocono Waters has created an easy-to-use interactive online map so that you can explore the Exceptional Value streams of the Poconos, whether from your home or on the go.

Photo courtesy Nicholas T/Flickr