Campaign Resources

Pennsylvania’s cleanest waterways are designated with special protections. The Stream Redesignation Handbook from campaign partner PennFuture walks through the process of upgrading a stream to High Quality or Exceptional Value protection. 

Currently Protected Streams

Special Protection streams receive Pennsylvania’s highest legal protections. Roughly 80 percent are located in the Poconos. See if special protection streams are located near your community.

Our Pocono Waters commissioned the first economic impact study of special protection streams in the Pocono Mountains region.

The study found Special Protection Stream Designations provide nearly $3 billion in benefits for local businesses, property owners, and communities.

Public Opinion Survey

Our Pocono Waters commissioned a survey of 500 residents in Monroe, Carbon, Wayne and Pike counties to learn how local communities view and value the pristine streams of the region. The survey found overwhelming support for clean water protections.


Advocacy Toolkit

If you are interested in advocating for special protection waters in the Poconos, check out the toolkits below. They will provide you with information about how to write a Letter to the Editor and Public Comments. They also provide sample language. You can use talking points from our one-page document, as well.

Social Media

Pledge to Defend Our Pocono Waters

Pledge to Defend Our Pocono Waters

Our Pocono Waters led a campaign of businesses, clean water advocates and outdoor recreation enthusiasts demonstrating the region’s broad base of support for clean water protections.

Media Coverage